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Anyone can give you advice on buying a business, but only an expert can guide you through the transaction and give you the best professional advice. That’s why more and more people are looking beyond the opinions of friends, accountants, and lawyers, and are turning instead to RE/MAX ACCLAIMED REALTY COMMERCIAL DIVISION the most professional and trusted network of business in the world.
Buying a business may be the most important decision you’ll ever make
If you are like most people, you will buy a business only once in your lifetime. One shot at turning your visions into reality. One shot at getting it all right, or getting it all wrong. Too often individuals purchase a business that turns out to be the wrong business for them. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the business was a bad business to start with. It just might mean that the business didn’t fit their needs or that they didn’t have the proper skill set to make the business profitable.

Although no one can guarantee that you will be successful in the business you decide to purchase, RE/MAX ACCLAIMED REALTY COMMERCIAL DIVISION has developed a proprietary BUYER PROFILE that will give you a greater chance at success. After the BUYER PROFILE has been analyzed, your RE/MAX ACCLAIMED REALTY COMMERCIAL DIVISION will be able to guide you in finding the business that matches your individual interests, goals and capabilities. Often, businesses that your RE/MAX ACCLAIMED REALTY COMMERCIAL DIVISION will show you are businesses that you may not have considered on your own.

If you’re ready to invest your resources in a business of your own, talk it over with a RE/MAX ACCLAIMED REALTY COMMERCIAL DIVISION professional. We are ready to help you own a business you can really enjoy and grow with.

RE/MAX ACCLAIMED REALTY COMMERCIAL DIVISION is ready to help you meet your match.
Business Opportunity Sales
The decision to sell a business is often a difficult one because of the profound personal and financial impact. Many different influences bring business owners to this decision, including:
Worrisome exposure to business risks  Serious illness or disability

Personal preference of the owners to retire

Divorce or dissolving of partnership

Owner's desire to pursue other business interests

Lack of sufficient working capital

Secure the future by cashing out

How much is your business worth?  
A business enterprise, like any asset, is worth what a ready, willing,   and able buyer will pay.
Buyers ask countless questions, but they are primarily concerned with a fair return on their total investment. In addition, prospective buyers make many judgments about market position, proprietary know-how, competitive strengths, quality of the assets, growth potential, and risks of the business. To accurately determine the true worth of a business, the company's accounting reports, prepared primarily for tax purposes, must be restated to reflect the true financial performance of the business.

RE/MAX ACCLAIMED REALTY COMMERCIAL DIVISION’s Agents are well trained to perform business valuations. They use many valuation models to determine the most probable selling price. The valuation will help prospective buyers understand the reasons for such